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Honorary Members


Guy Nelson

Guy officially started Southwest WI Pullers on

April 27th 2010. As a long time puller in gas and diesel trucks, he took his pulling career to the next level with the development of a new organization. Southwest WI Pullers will live on strong because of the time and dedication Guy and his family put forth over the years. 


Randy Jasper

Randy could be best described as the glue that holds it all together. One could argue he could go down as one of the best farm stock pullers in the midwest. Randy's dedication to Southwest WI Pullers was something to strive for. Before most all events, he would call club officers to check to see if there was anything he could help with. Today his pulling legacy lives on with his son and grandson.


John Harris

John started pulling in 1976 in the street gas class. He has pulled in that class all the way up until the Outlaw class was created. As a long time class representative, John also found great success in the Outlaw class in 2022 and earned the team a points championship. John his son Lucas and crew continue to carry on the pulling tradition today.


Keith Durst

Proudly flying the Allis Chalmers orange flag for many years, Keith has seen many successes with different organizations and venues. More importantly Keith is always willing to go the extra mile and ask where and when his help is needed. Even if his tractor is broke and stays home, he will still travel to an event to volunteer his time to help the club. After a 2023 Outlaw points championship, Keith announced the purchase of a new LLSS tractor. This marks the start of a new venture in the sport for him, but his time spend dedicated to Southwest WI Pullers will be a life long memory.

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